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I loved loved the concept. The book though did have a slow development at the start. It was also hard to pinpoint the time-period in which the author wanted to set up the book. Another thing that could have been improved is the writing, as I kept reading the book it was noticed that there are a lot of repetitive descriptions of the same thing with different wording. Nevertheless, I loved how mother’s love was described, fearless, devoted, with no limits and yet still gentle. Despite the flaws, the book remained interesting in captivating enough. I did enjoy the fact that it was not a 100% happy ending. I would love to see a second book (Salem redemption) with a little bit more improved writing, but the story has strong potential. 3.6 start

The Book Eaters imageThe Book Eaters image

The Book Eaters

Books | Sunyi Dean

Don’t underestimate the allure of darkness, because even the purest hearts are drawn to it. That quote describes this book perfectly. Definitely made me hate philosophers and briefly Lord Henry. Henry is true face of misogyny, selfishness, absence of moral and most ethics. The mockery of true woman love and loyalty is discussing and degrading. Book really shows how one wrong person can poison even the purest hearts and souls. Definitely a dark and interesting take on philosophy, I feel like it was the point of the book all along. If you feel like having true food for though this is your book. 3.7 Start

The Picture of Dorian Gray imageThe Picture of Dorian Gray image

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Books | Oscar Wilde

Man! Especially Man written by Tessa, setting my standards a little to high. Where can I find that town? Adorable/funny/awkward moments that just perfect, and realistic. Both MC’s act a little too juvenile~but it’s fair since both Hannah and Fox not experienced in relationship field. Besides being a romance the deep dev. Of MCs is truly beautiful. Love the charm of elderly people that author finds a way to add. I loved bingo jokes, BUT THE ENDING !? Oh god, I am setting on a journey to get that

Hook, Line, and Sinker imageHook, Line, and Sinker image

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Books | Tessa Bailey

Honestly, I like it so far. Not to intense, yet captivating enough. Brilliant actors and of cours my beloved Selina ❤️❤️❤️❤️ she is a pure sunshine ❤️

Only Murders in the Building imageOnly Murders in the Building image

Only Murders in the Building

Shows | Comedy

At first, the book felt a bit derivative of "One Day in December."But I would not classify it as a romance, and despite the predictable plot, it deserves attention;it is beautiful,colourful, and then painful, dark.The author deserves more acknowledgment for this book.No extra word clutter, beautiful word descriptions, and an unexpected twist at the end. Maybe not her strongest book, but it hit close to home for me. Grief is not pretty, and it all happens fast;i believe it’s what author aimed for

In Five Years imageIn Five Years image

In Five Years

Books | Rebecca Serle

Worth reading the book for the sheer pleasure of meeting Brendan. If you know, you know ladies *cough* The book is like a fast and easy-playing movie, with a sense of familiarity and warmth (especially after meeting Abe). It’s a funny, breath-stealing, reality-punching, nerve-wracking delight of a read. Nevertheless, there were moments where I believe the choice of words could have been softer and more cherry-picked. Definitely a predictable troupe but absolutely enjoyable read.

It Happened One Summer imageIt Happened One Summer image

It Happened One Summer

Books | Tessa Bailey

I am not sure how to feel about the book. It was a promising book, but the leading part of the book to the murder itself was a little too long. Personally, was able to predict who was the victim. But the drama in the book was pretty good. Yes, I must say the small unpredictable revelations were definitely a “WHAAAATTT!?” But other than that, the ending was pretty good, but overall a little derivative. Overall I think the book definitely deserved 3.5 stars.

The Hunting Party imageThe Hunting Party image

The Hunting Party

Books | Lucy Foley

Beautiful. Painful. Creative. Brutal. Captivating and yet slow. The development of the book is slow, but I see the purpose. Just like our protagonist we are stuck at the speed that she is going. The memories, the events, and the story touch deeply. The ending is even more shocking, fast developing and unpredictable; Just like our protagonist would have felt. I didn’t appreciate the ending exactly, but it’s fully my preference. Other than that AMAZING.

Before I Go to Sleep imageBefore I Go to Sleep image

Before I Go to Sleep

Books | Steven J. Watson

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