Hello! I have just recently gotten into reading and let's just say I'm enjoying it! I hope to meet new people who enjoy books as well and be able to help others find books they'll love! I will read just about Any genre if the book interests me!

I LOVED IT! I went into this book knowing very little about it and I'm glad I did! I was hooked!I couldn't put it down. It took a few chapters to get into for me but still loved it! (This is the first book on the series, "Zodiac Academy The Awakening", it's red and has 2 faces on the cover, symbolizes Gemini)

Zodiac Academy imageZodiac Academy image

Zodiac Academy

Books | Caroline Peckham

This book was amazing! It made me love characters more than before. It had my blood pumping with adrenaline! It was a book I did not want to put down. IM. OBSESSED. And the ending 😱 Let's just say I've already ordered the next book. #fae #Zodiac #fantasy

Zodiac Academy imageZodiac Academy image

Zodiac Academy

Books | Susanne Valenti

Such a cute book! It was a light read and I loved the whole thing, from beginning to end! If you're a kpop fan then I highly recommend this book for you! It had me smiling and laughing the entire time! It was just amazing!

XOXO imageXOXO image


Books | Axie Oh

I actually watched the movie first and fell in love so I got the book. They're similar but also very different that I enjoyed the book more! An enemies to lover which I love so if you do too I recommend at least trying to read it. #romance #drama #netflix #toxiclove

After imageAfter image


Books | Anna Todd

A great book! It is very gruesome though (heads up). If you enjoy books where you try to solve the murder along the way, I would recommend this book and other books of Chris Carters!

The Death Sculptor imageThe Death Sculptor image

The Death Sculptor

Books | Chris Carter

A good book, me personally, was not a fan of the ending. But besides that such a attention drawing book, you won't want to put it down.

The Cellar imageThe Cellar image

The Cellar

Books | Natasha Preston

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