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Ana Rodriguez



Romcoms are good television. Currently watching things in languages other than English. Korean dramas, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Taiwanese,Bls


A very interesting drama. I watched it dubbed in Spanish. Just have to say her sister in law is the worst.

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Shows | Drama

I enjoyed seeing both characters ups and downs at a very important time in their life but was not expecting the apathy at the end.

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Julie & Julia

Movies | Romance

It was a good listen(audiobook) looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series. They are a continuation of the first book but focuses on the lives of other characters. Emily and Simon was quite a match!

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Well Met

Books | Jen DeLuca

Honestly it was better with the last 2 episodes. It a quick watch. Classic miscommunication and lack of explanation

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Star & Sky : Star in My mind

Shows | Drama

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