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I loved this series as it stands for the concept alone. Unfortunately I feel as though the series is half-baked which i atrribute to it being a CBS series and not an HBO or Showtime series. The episodes don't attempt to tie up loose ends. This team that has been put together to make sense of unexplainable occurrences leave truly unexplainable events unexplained. They don't appear to even try to make sense of it or communicate to their broader team what is happening to them personally. Such logically thinking characters that are cynical toward religious belief and heavily depend on science fail to continue to search for a scientific explanation of the very events they are assessing. They even slipped in the old "Supernatural"-esque (series) fake ghost hunters that provided nothing to the story aside from introducing a new character that also provides nothing to the story. I truly hope season 2 is more established knowing they have a successful show and can provide the proper funding toward it. Great concept, good acting. Poor execution and transitions episode to episode.

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