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Loved it. Multiple twists, when you think you've figured it out it changes again. Might be my favorite Riley Sager novel.

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Final Girls

Books | Riley Sager

This is a hard one to say I did or did not like it. It's a true story about a horrible time so I don't feel it's up for debate of good or bad. However, it's hard to get into. It's not one that I picked up and couldn't put down but I wanted to finish anyway.

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The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Books | Heather Morris

If I am being honest I don't think I will EVER rate a Riley Sager book poorly. I just absolutely love everything he writes. The only bad thing I would say about "The last time I lied" would be that it took a little while to really start but once it did, like all other Sager books I've read, it was hard to put down.

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The Last Time I Lied

Books | Riley Sager

This is one of my all time favorite books ever.

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White Oleander

Books | Janet Fitch

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