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Jess G



23 and me is laying bare old family secrets.

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Books | Dani Shapiro

If you have a dark sense of humor and need a laugh this is your book.

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Furiously Happy

Books | Jenny Lawson

A brave look at the the price of ignorance and why it behooves extremist groups to mock and deny it's children the opportunity to get an education.

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Books | Tara Westover

A memoir for the ardent anglophile. The genre and subject matter is as varied and peticular as the fingerprint of grief we feel for the loss of ones parent.

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H Is for Hawk

Books | Helen Macdonald

The first two seasons are intense. The characters are flawed but well written

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The Killing

Shows | Drama

You will laugh, because Che is smart and Funny but also sweet and vulnerable.

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That Damn Michael Che


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