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Abby k


It is a great book for those who deal with dissociation and loss!

How It Feels to Float imageHow It Feels to Float image

How It Feels to Float

Books | Helena Fox

The best book for people who want to understand self harm.

Girl in Pieces imageGirl in Pieces image

Girl in Pieces

Books | Kathleen Glasgow

The story line is amazing and spreads hope for those dealing with abuse

Sparrow imageSparrow image


Books | Mary Cecilia Jackson

Absolutely love the outcome of every episode :)

Queer Eye imageQueer Eye image

Queer Eye

Shows | Reality

I love this book because of the emotions and the connections, the friendships and the support that is shown. A great book for anyone who loves uplifting stories and dance!

Brave Enough imageBrave Enough image

Brave Enough

Books | Kati Gardner

This is such an uplifting movie, a huge tearjerker but a beautiful family movie

Marley & Me imageMarley & Me image

Marley & Me

Movies | Comedy

This show is great for those how like teen romance!

Never Have I Ever imageNever Have I Ever image

Never Have I Ever


Great show for those who love drama!

Too Hot to Handle imageToo Hot to Handle image

Too Hot to Handle


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