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This book masterfully covers sensitive subjects in a completely real, and uncensored manner. It's uncomfortable at times, but I still felt as if I was being hugged by the story. The purpose of the story is never entirely clear, in a very beautiful way. It's real life on a page. There isn't simply one plot line or climax. It's real and flawed, and painful, but beautiful. Look into it before reading, as the content can be triggering for some, but if you can, please give it a read :)

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This is How I Disappear

Books | Mirion Malle

This was a wonderfully illustrated, well-written masterpiece. A subject that is so often poorly portrayed in media was told in a completely real, completely raw, completely different way. Other illustrations that are so often portrayed in the media are jagged and evil and predictable. But the illustrations in this novel (as well as the story telling) felt realistic and true. They didn't beat around the bush, but they didn't necessarily feel dramatized either! I highly recommend this novel.

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Books | Jacques Mathis

I don't have ASD (although my doctor has said that maybe I should get tested haha), however, I do have ADHD. While they are not the same at all, they do have A TON of comorbidities. Needless to say, I love this book. One day, I was looking for some new Psych. books (a big interest of mine) and I decided to look in the "Faith" section of the store for once. I'm so glad I did. Neurodiversity isn't talked about enough in Christian circles. Everything about this book is perfect to me. Huge help.

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On the Spectrum

Books | Daniel Bowman Jr.

I absolutely adore this book. While yes, it is a faith based book written by a Christian author, I truly think that even people who don't share the faith could still find this book HIGHLY enjoyable. It's beautifully written, hilarious, heart-warming, and wonderfully realistic about every topic that's covered. 10/10, will absolutely read again.

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Everybody, Always

Books | Bob Goff

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