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I don't have ASD (although my doctor has said that maybe I should get tested haha), however, I do have ADHD. While they are not the same at all, they do have A TON of comorbidities. Needless to say, I love this book. One day, I was looking for some new Psych. books (a big interest of mine) and I decided to look in the "Faith" section of the store for once. I'm so glad I did. Neurodiversity isn't talked about enough in Christian circles. Everything about this book is perfect to me. Huge help.

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On the Spectrum

Books | Daniel Bowman Jr.

I absolutely adore this book. While yes, it is a faith based book written by a Christian author, I truly think that even people who don't share the faith could still find this book HIGHLY enjoyable. It's beautifully written, hilarious, heart-warming, and wonderfully realistic about every topic that's covered. 10/10, will absolutely read again.

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Everybody, Always

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