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this book was excellent! I loved the writing, my favorite part was the sections about the first person resurrected (Timmy Baterman) I found them very endearing, I do feel though that the hype leading up to gage being resurrected was a little uneventful and short lived, not very thrilling either if I'm being honest but the grief portrayed by the creeds was very accurate. all in all an 8/10

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Pet Sematary

Books | Stephen King

this book was very sweet to say the least, I love sapphic representation and this is pretty good! (coming from a lesbian) the book takes a little while to pick up speed and I wish that they eased molly and alex liking each other a little better because it felt all a little rushed but overall a fantastic book! 7/10

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She Gets the Girl

Books | Rachael Lippincott

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