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This is a must in every man's life. 88 laws/rules for men to follow to create their greatest potential. Every law is 1-3 pages, easy to decipher, understand, and put it to practical use. I've adopted this mindset for a month now to help me in the gym & school, all I can say is what a change I've seen in myself and my results. Other ppl even notice my physique changing (as my personal life has changed as well.) Any man can benefit from this but I would also say women/teens should pick up this book as well even tho this book is geared towards men.

The 88 Laws of the Masculine Mindset imageThe 88 Laws of the Masculine Mindset image

The 88 Laws of the Masculine Mindset

Books | John Winters

Stories on hard times and triumph that can provide lessons to anyone in today's society. Not only do you learn about history, you also learn what entailed during these tough times of these great leaders of our past and what we can do to utilize their hardships for the benefit of ourselves in our lives.

Old-School Grit imageOld-School Grit image

Old-School Grit

Books | Peter Hollins

Perhaps #1 in top 5 books ever to read. Not only was I able to finish it, it was able to finish reading in about a week (and I'm a slow reader). Its that good. Along the way I cried, fell in awe & reflected on what I read. This book speaks on the pyschology of the prisoners in concentration camps, the effects it had on them & stories/events that occurred. It is a must in every high-school reading class and must be in your personal library of book collection .

Man's Search for Meaning imageMan's Search for Meaning image

Man's Search for Meaning

Books | Viktor E. Frankl

Sure its like any other movie for boys that involves comedy & sex (American pie, road trip etc) but Absolutely loved this movie. Every boy should watch this movie. 2 bffs compete to get a girl (1 is alpha & 1 a nice boy) but along the way the nice boy ends up seen the error of his ways. No spoilers but must watch.

The Stöned Age imageThe Stöned Age image

The Stöned Age

Movies | Comedy

The intro definitely captured your attention. It looked damm realistic 'to the tee.' The conspiracy theory of Hitler & his experiments is what this movie was about but added with realism which helped theories makes sense. It also doesn't shy away from the real details of ww2. Really enjoyed this.

Overlord imageOverlord image


Movies | Horror

More of a personal revenge journey than the 1st part but does not disappoint. If ur a fan of part one I still recommend to watch the sequel. If you look closely, u can spot a few pyschology/pyschology tactics as well.

The Equalizer 2 imageThe Equalizer 2 image

The Equalizer 2

Movies | Thriller

Absolutely enticing to watch. Had me at the edge of my seat. U can really see the machavelli mentality been displayed (seem to appear weak when you're actually thr opposite). The ending was non-stop action.

The Equalizer imageThe Equalizer image

The Equalizer

Movies | Thriller

What a great 2 hrs to pass the time. As always, denzel performed an excellent performance whilst having u at the edge of your seat. At the end, I was shocked to see it was based on a true event/story. Will not disappoint.

Man on Fire imageMan on Fire image

Man on Fire

Movies | Action

Funny movie, but not as try hard as American pie. We follow along the lives of a few buddies in a fraternity during college; comedy as well as provides some lessons on body language, flirtatious behavior and how not to take crap from anyone.

Animal House imageAnimal House image

Animal House

Movies | Comedy

Funny adventurous movie for the whole family. As always , it provides an insightful lesson on regret and shooting out of your comfort zone to reach for your dreams.

The Internship imageThe Internship image

The Internship

Movies | Comedy

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