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Let's get real. This movie was by no means groundbreaking or even necessarily good. But what it does have is tons of charm. Sure, it's schlocky AF, but the chemistry between the two works. Owen Wilson is so likeable. It's a throw back to a simpler rom com times. J Lo gets credit for keeping those kind of films alive by continuing to make them. Plus, I watched this film with my family, they aren't like me when I review movies. I can be harsh but around them I just roll with it.

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Marry Me

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As a person who appreciates great writing, this show celebrates has it in spades. Matthew Weiner came from the David Chase school of hard knocks when it comes to writing and he doesn't suffer fools on his staff. On top of the writing, the acting, cinematography, costumes, hair styles, historical accuracy, and set design are top notch. This is the kind of I throw on in the background whilst doing a menial task and end up binging the damn thing. Run to watch this. I promise you'll thank me later.

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Mad Men

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