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Talk about worth the hype! I loved just about every page, it's utterly genius and fantastic and I can't imagine the amount of work it took to create. I'm so glad this was my introduction to the Grishaverse. I had some skeptical preconceptions but it's obvious Bardugo is brilliant and I was just being a hater. Not a word in this story goes to waste, every character is compelling, I don't even know if I can choose a favorite. I'm just so delighted by how instantly it hooked me.

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Six of Crows

Books | Leigh Bardugo

This one was a little messier than Tithe and took a lot longer to get going, but still a fun, quick read with a compelling protagonist and love interest. I didn't care as much for the ancillary characters, some of the gritty homeless New York stuff felt edgy for the sake of being edgy and meandered enough to make my eyes glaze over, but the book mostly makes up for that with the second half and everything having to do with Ravus. Such a fun read!

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Books | Holly Black

I thought this was just great! Best all around, not the most groundbreaking read but I have no major problems with it and I thought the story and characters were delightful. It's certainly more enjoyable the whole way through than The Cruel Prince (which I found almost unbearable for the first half). It feels like such a time capsule of 2002 that the edgy stuff is almost charming. It's also one of the few shorter novels I've read that managed to wrap itself up satisfyingly in 300 pages or less.

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Books | Holly Black

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