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I cannot give this series enough credit. It's definitely super weird at times, I grant, but this story of an extraordinary middle school kid trying to live an ordinary life kind of has it all. Action, comedy, heart, stellar animation at many points, music, and even the dub episodes I've seen were just amazing voice acting. I don't think there were any details that got left unattended by the end if it, and me made me laugh and cry like few series do.

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Mob Psycho 100

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Ok, so yeah, it is cheesy. It's supposed to be, that was clearly the intention. Are some episodes poorly lit? Yes, there is one that was so bad I had no idea who was in the scene until they spoke, but it was only one episode out of the season. But this show? It's fun. We can be sad over it not being the movie, but remember that it's not supposed to be. Some scenes are very clearly more modern than the setting would normally allow for (I'm looking at you, Brownies), a number of plot points are easy to forsee, they use very modern songs in it, etc. Which says that they were trying to make it as much fun as fantasy, and that's ok as long as you know what you're going in for. Also, Boorman is fantastic, and he made me laugh even in "terribly serious scenes."

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I wasn't sure what to expect, and still am working out how I feel about this movie. I did enjoy it, and it was weirdly engrossing, but I couldn't tell you exactly why. Is it odd that it reminds me of Midsommar? Just in the weird, cult-like behavior and eagerness of characters to ultimately embrace it due to lack of any other choice. It was amusing, but not in a laugh out loud way. It was more subtle than I'd thought, and, the longer I dwell, the more I appreciate it.

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The Menu

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Ok, I don't usually enjoy YA. I find many of it's common tropes a bore, but then it's not meant for my age group. My point? I still was thoroughly engrossed by this trilogy. The worldbuilding was interesting, the characters were (mostly) more complex than expected, and the magic system was clever. Further more, I love it when things surprise me, and while the pace of the books could be a little uneven, it did that more than once. This may be my favorite YA.

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The Grisha Trilogy


This was a cute movie, though it skews toward a younger audience than I usually go. Fun, if predictable, and a little bit disturbing with the Walmart scene. I know they are marshmallow men, but that seemed pretty messed up. Not likely something that will bother the average kid, just a personal thing. Appropriate tribute to Harold Ramis and continuation of the Ghostbusters franchise.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife

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