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Ughhhhh this book had me literally addicted. I could hardly put it down, and so many of the portions of the book were spicy as hell. And to make it all worse (or better) is that there’s enough intrigue left at the end that I’m impatiently chomping at the bit for the spin off. Normally I don’t mess with spin offs, I have to learn to love new characters and I miss the old ones, but I have so many burning questions that were left unanswered that was left vague for this very purpose. Beautifully written, carefully crafted and wonderfully articulate!

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Red Handed

Books | Kate King

This book is for those that feel different from general society. I adored the way that the author set up the story, and cannot wait to read more. Hoax is a sweetheart, pyro is passionate, and Ghost is a jerk. But lovable. Mania is the badass that deserves to be recognized.

Queen of Crazy imageQueen of Crazy image

Queen of Crazy

Books | Maddison Cole

This series was different than I thought it was going to be with twists and turns I wasn’t expecting. Brawler and magnum are definitely my favorites with the boys, and Kyla is just as badass. The first couple chapters were slow going, I remember thinking like “ok. Is it going to pick up soon?” Then a bit later **** hit the fan and it didn’t stop. Truly a good read if you have some time.

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Uppercut Princess

Books | E. M. Moore

Tears. Tears. And lots of tear. This book had me bawling on my couch in agony as if I had lost a friend. I do hope that there will be a third book on Jane and Bennett, as I felt it was incomplete in the sense that there is so much more I want to know. But I’m also so excited for the prequel that will be releasing. Furthermore, I fell in love with another character within the series which was surprising. Captain Li worked his way into my heart, and I hope we get his story soon as well.

Feathers at Sea imageFeathers at Sea image

Feathers at Sea

Books | Kennedy Sutton

So holy hot damn. This book had me blushing, cringing and grinning all over the place, as did the second installment. If you don’t like cliff hangers, wait for the final book to release cause the pain is real right now. I absolutely adore the male characters, but War is my favorite so far. And Bliss is such a breath of fresh air when reading, she’s nice but she’s complex. She’s got some darkness in her. 10/10 would recommend.

Start a War imageStart a War image

Start a War

Books | Elle Thorpe

This series had a lot packed in. Fair warning, there aresome serious triggering subjects discussed within the book. I enjoyed it, it was refreshing in the way the author wrote about Eden. She wasn’t a victim, she owned her sh*t and got on with life with an attitude. I wish there was more time with Tony, but the rest of the men filled it up (no pun intended) pretty well.

No Good Deed imageNo Good Deed image

No Good Deed

Books | K B Everly

This book. This. Book. It had me angry on behalf of the main character, I cried for her, I cried for Rico. I. Was. In. Tears. This book was the perfect harmony of sexy and emotional. And the twist at the end? Chefs kiss.

I Married A Mob Boss imageI Married A Mob Boss image

I Married A Mob Boss

Books | Shandi Boyes

This book just had me in all my feelings. The author did the plot beautifully, it wasn’t dry or slow, but instead built them up quickly without forgetting the aspect of falling in love.

The Fae King's Curse imageThe Fae King's Curse image

The Fae King's Curse

Books | Jamie Schlosser

Sunshine and her men go through hell, there’s fights, there’s arguments, there’s trauma and friendship. I really enjoyed this book, it was fast paced. The first book tended to have flash backs which kinda took me out of the immersion, but it was done well enough.

Sunshine and Bullets imageSunshine and Bullets image

Sunshine and Bullets

Books | Coralee June

This book series is funny, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. At the end of book 1, I remember just being dazed because I didn’t see the twist coming.

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Psycho Shifters

Books | Jasmine Mas

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