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Amanda Martin



Lover of sci Fi, fantasy and all things romance... As long as the female characters are strong and amazing


Surprising and pretty fantastic tbh. I loved the characters and the story was great. Good monsters and a dog. That's a win

Love and Monsters imageLove and Monsters image

Love and Monsters

Movies | Adventure

Nott as good as the first (as always happens) imo. I am not a huge fan of characters that are this unconfident in themselves. But... A good continuation to the story

Hunt the Stars imageHunt the Stars image

Hunt the Stars

Books | Jessie Mihalik

Haven't laughed this hard in ages! So much giggles. Awesome. Was definitely not expecting this and wish I could watch it again for the first time.

The Lost City imageThe Lost City image

The Lost City

Movies | Comedy

A great conclusion to the trilogy! I still think Emerald Blaze is my fave, but this was definitely a close second.

Ruby Fever imageRuby Fever image

Ruby Fever

Books | Ilona Andrews

So crazy awesome. A beautiful tribute to those who've been through trama

The One You Can't Forget imageThe One You Can't Forget image

The One You Can't Forget

Books | Roni Loren

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