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Amanda Wilcox



Ok..... This book is insanely good. Can a weekend away really fix a long troubling marriage? Well maybe not in the way they planned it at lest. Lying seems to be a big factor in 10 years of marriage, as secrets start to unfold, the couple realizes that only one of tham is a fraud. Must read for sure. So blowen away, by the end of this book. Just could not put this book down with all the plots and twists.

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Rock Paper Scissors

Books | Alice Feeney

Awesome book About a black woman being able to transport herself back in time. When she does its 1850s and slavery was still a thing and she finds herself in danger at times. So emotional and left me feeling at a loss when the book ended. I am still pondering over the end of it. Love love loved this book. Had me thinking for days about those hard times and inhumanity.

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Books | Octavia Butler

This book definitely was mind blowing. If you love mystery, thriller and suspense, book is for you. Tow sisters reunited after her husband's funeral, only to discover a dark secret her husband was hiding that is not only shocking but disturbing. Secret of the past start to unfold as they gett further into the turmoil

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Pretty Girls

Books | Karin Slaughter

Was a similar format to a previous book I have read but with a psychological twist at the end. I like the mental hospital thrillers, definitely gives me a more chilling fear when reading.

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Absolute Fear

Books | L. Jackson

Definitely a must read! Had me wondering all throughout the book, Definitely had lots of twists. Plus what you thought was, is not what actually is. Unpredictable!

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A Mother Would Know

Books | Amber Garza

Great read, good old fashioned hunted house story with lost of twist and turns. Love how it jumps back from past to present, gives the book an edge.

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Home Before Dark

Books | Riley Sager

Loved this read. Had me in tears and full of emotion at times. Loss, love and family struggles with addiction and how important it is to forgive and let go. Makes you think about the more important pleasures in life.

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A Life Without Water

Books | Marci Bolden

Interesting take on romantic relationships. I kinda found it humorous as well at times.

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Why Men Love Bitches

Books | Sherry Argov

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