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Amber Khan



Major bookworm! I love all things Tate James, Kristen Ashley, Siobhan Davis, Penny Reid, Pippa Grant, Robyn Carr, Denali Day, Lani Lynn Vale, and Jaymin Eve....


Total mind shattering tale. This is dark and twisty to the extreme. I lean toward the shadows (or pitch black) when I read so this definitely fit the bill. If you have triggers, be warned.

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The Tutor

Books | K. Larsen

Once you start this tale, you won't stop until you finish the series. Epic, eventual RH. #CassIsAlsoMine The snark and bossb*tch attitude here are everything. And totally called for bc she has earned it. Twisted world they live in and it is what ties these characters together in the best way.

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7th Circle

Books | Tate James

I can't stress enough how much I head over heels love this series. The 'boys' are total mind obliterating, love to hate, pain in the rears. #SteeleIsMine HellCat is so totally screwed over is Allllll the ways one possibly can be.

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Books | Tate James

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