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Words will never be able to express my feelings for this show 🥹. If you like amazing characters/character development, unique concepts, and crying then this is the show for you cuz it’s a masterpiece 😭.

Alice in Borderland imageAlice in Borderland image

Alice in Borderland

Shows | Drama

Without the animation this would have been a decent black rom com but due to the animation this is a fire movie! Even tho the animation could be a lot at some moments it elevated everything about this movie. Also even tho the soundtrack was pretty much kid cudi one it makes sense and two every song really hit the vibe of this movie 🔥. Netflix is full of surprises I swear 🤣.

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Movies | Animation

This movie is a very hit or miss… and it hit a home run for me 🤣. Now I’m not smart enough to fully explain what it was trying to do but I believe I understand at least what they were trying to do and that I appreciate. It was hilarious, thought provoking, and it had Anya Taylor joy what more could you want! I love late night movie vibes and this fit perfectly for me. 🔥🔥

The Menu imageThe Menu image

The Menu

Movies | Horror

I have to admit this show has more substance that I thought it would! I mean I wish the “ugly”/bullied characters get more plot development so it doesn’t seem like you have to be pretty to great but a lot of characters had great plot development. Even tho the concept is silly it’s interesting and is trying to spread a good message 🔥. Really hope there is a season two.

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Shows | Comedy

Another hilarious Netflix adult animation show 🤣 nothing special but gets the job done.

Chicago Party Aunt imageChicago Party Aunt image

Chicago Party Aunt


Even with this movie being filled with cliches and guessable plot points it was entertaining. The ending is full of chaos which imo makes it better 🤣. I really wish a third of the movie wasn’t game of thrones dark tho. All in all a decent movie 🔥.

The Invitation imageThe Invitation image

The Invitation

Movies | Horror

I swear these creators make the most random, spontaneous, and dumb shows…. And it’s hilarious if your humor and brain is broken like me 🤣. Warning: DO NOT eat during this show… and probably wear headphones 🤣.

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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