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colleen always hits. but definitely would recommend. i loved the confessions in the book, the artwork, and the show of love in this. it was so selfless

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Books | Colleen Hoover

3/5 ⭐️. quick spicy romance read but nothing out of the ordinary

My Killer Vacation imageMy Killer Vacation image

My Killer Vacation

Books | Tessa Bailey

absolute heartbreak but in the best possible way. the most purest unconditional form of love being taken away but nothing they can control. i absolutely recommend but be prepared to cry for hours

A Thousand Boy Kisses imageA Thousand Boy Kisses image

A Thousand Boy Kisses

Books | Tillie Cole

childhood friends to lover to strangers back to lovers!!! so amazing…loved every second of it

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Every Summer After

Books | Carley Fortune

VERY SPICY!!! but also amazing story to the character…THE EXTENDED EPILOGUE 🥹🥹🥹🥹

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Collided Special Edition

Books | Lauren Asher

a really cute story with some nice spice that sets the story and introduces the characters for the rest of the series i believe. i really enjoyed noah and maya and there story is very fun

Throttled Special Edition imageThrottled Special Edition image

Throttled Special Edition

Books | Lauren Asher

tears, love, hope, heartache, loss, i literally can’t put into words how much i needed this book and i believe that everyone does. you fall in love with macy and elliot and their families. all the emotions in the best way! full on sobs to an absolute full heart! idc what you’re reading right now…read this first!

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Love and Other Words

Books | Christina Lauren

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