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Good acting, cool story line, freaky, edge of your seat. Not the best ending but defiantly worth a watch. Ps:Haven’t seen Jay Baruchel in so long! Loved seeing him.

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Random Acts of Violence

Movies | Horror

Funny & Quirky, really love Jack Black in this, and James Marsden (excellent acting. Totally didn’t expect what happens lol #hiddengem

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The D Train

Movies | Drama

Maika Monroe delivers superb acting in this, and I would love to see her in more thriller movies!💕 It started off really good, last 34 minutes I was wishing for more thrilling parts, all in all, very chilling ending .

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Movies | Drama

First off, the actor they got to play Morbius is PERFECT for the role, & the studio fx makeup they did, is spot on to the MARVEL Morbius character. Superb acting by Jared Leto 💕Just wish there was WAY more fight scenes, but all in all, AWESOME marvel movie.

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Movies | Action

(Saturday movie night with my son)Near end scene, where The Avengers/The Guardians, fight Thanos is the best part! My favourite character’s on this movie are DR. STRANGE (can’t wait for his second movie) And Proxima Midnight 😍She’s so bad ass! Ps: guardian’s of the galaxy are always a good time/comedic 🥰

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Avengers: Infinity War

Movies | Adventure

I knew I recognized this hottie from somewhere (Natt Wolff) he stars in “Death note” 🥵 him and Mary J. Blige are amazing actors in this, and they work very well together, as partners on the police force. Very twisty ending.

Body Cam imageBody Cam image

Body Cam

Movies | Thriller

This is such a heartwarming/funny movie! I don’t usually watch this genre, so I was pleasantly surprised, but I knew anything with Seth Rogan, would be a winner. #hiddengem #netflix

The Guilt Trip imageThe Guilt Trip image

The Guilt Trip

Movies | Comedy

Movie night with my son, although I enjoyed the first, Sonic 2 turned out to be better 💙💙💙

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2


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