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This show is sooo good! •The acting is superb/things can get tense and keeps you on the edge of your seat•You feel for this girl and her daughter •Sooo interesting what has happened so far and I’m only 2 episodes in•I almost had a heart attack by what happened in the first episode and I hated the mother in that moment for her actions. (But I know she was hella stressed) can’t wait to see what happens next .

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Shows | Comedy

Spooktober day 6: I loved this movie allot more then I thought, the main guy/girl were very likeable/witty and the characters were overall entertaining. Werewolf game on point (freaky af looking) only wish they showed the werewolf more in the entire movie! 10/10 🐺

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Werewolves Within

Movies | Horror

Spooktober Day3: 10/10 👻

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The Bye Bye Man

Movies | Horror

Spooktober day 4: this is a comedy horror starring my man Devon Sawa, known for casper as a real boy, final destination and a favourite movie of mine “Hunter Hunter” I didn’t even realize it was him till yesterday when searching movies he was in 🤣 (he plays the dad)

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Idle Hands

Movies | Thriller

Spooktober Day 5: Movie night with my son, he’s really enjoying it 👻🎃and he gives it a 10/10! (8 year old approved)

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Hotel Transylvania

Movies | Animation

Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing in this, he was a solo actor playing a 911 operator, so you have to be pretty riveting to keep peoples attention when its just him sitting on a phone and that he did. Twists and turns more into the movie which I appreciated 8/10. I deducted 2 points cause I wish they showed us what was happening like in the amazing 10 star movie "The Call" with Halle Berry.

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The Guilty

Movies | Thriller

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