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I'm a big fan of horror genre. 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ IG: babydolldaydreams (❀´ ˘ `❀)♡︎


Ohmygosh this show is so cute and funny. It's like WWDITS but instead of vampires its pirates. Absolutely adore this show. It's very charming.

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Our Flag Means Death

Shows | Comedy

Lawd that was graphic. I was warned ahead of time but still thought it would be just fine. I was so wrong. I'm so glad there were comical parts here and there, because I would have left the theater traumatized. Also the movie was sooo long. The ending felt like it lasted forever. I left so confused. I have no idea where the lore is going or if there is any haha.

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Terrifier 2


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