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Dystopian series are hit or miss for me, but I’m hopeful for this series. I don’t like love triangles so I hope this series balances everything out as well as it had the dystopian theme of this book.

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Shatter Me

Books | Tahereh Mafi

The slow burn romance between angus and nari grew throughout the other books in this series so there sent much of a slow burn in this book like I expected. But the Lassiter case was always something I kept thinking about. But I still have the question: what happened to josh the bear?

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Books | Rebecca Zanetti

I really liked every book in Thai series and loved bits and pieces of each book, but something about Dana and Wolfe probably made this my favorite.

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Books | Rebecca Zanetti

I love second chance romance and I felt like it was a pretty good telling of old flames, but I had a hard time believing the authority the characters had chasing down the kidnapped when they had zero credentials other than being friends with someone from HDD.

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Books | Rebecca Zanetti

I had much higher hopes for this book knowing what I know now about the other books of the series. It was a little too much damsel in distress and I wanted Pippa to be a stronger female character, but I fell in love with all the other characters and am looking forward to seeing them all in future books of this series. It’s worth getting through this book to get to the rest of the series.

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Books | Rebecca Zanetti

Loved this ebook! I was a bit confused by Brigid at times, sometimes I felt like her reactions were a little unbelievable, but overall a great read.

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Books | Rebecca Zanetti

I wasn’t done with the wicked series and this continuation did not disappoint. The prince is the worst of the bad guys and in a way, this is his redemption story, but done very well and more of Brighton’s redemption than his. Love love love.

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The Prince: A Wicked Novella

Books | Jennifer L. Armentrout

I found it ironic with all the Disney brave references and then the last book in this series is “brave”. Still loved it and was wanting more afterward. The begging was very emotional and action packed and the ending wasn’t as action packed as I had hoped.

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Books | Jennifer L. Armentrout

I was worried this was going to be the typical 2nd romance book where the love interests are separated. It was, but done very well.

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Books | Jennifer L. Armentrout

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