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Liked this book, but I felt like heathers occupation was a little unrealistic, and Ethan’s gift is way more useful than what they use it for. Quick read for me to keep moving along in the series.

Shadows Strike imageShadows Strike image

Shadows Strike

Books | Dianne Duvall

This book made me love sci-if romances with aliens included. I was sad when I finished it that the next book in the series isn’t released yet. Will be not-so-patiently waiting for the next installment.

The Segonian imageThe Segonian image

The Segonian

Books | Dianne Duvall

I love Bastian more and more throughout the series, but this started my love for him. He’s such a complex character but in another way it’s very simple to figure him out and Melanie is the perfect character to understand him.

Phantom Shadows imagePhantom Shadows image

Phantom Shadows

Books | Dianne Duvall

I did not think I was going to like this Becuase I know what happens at the end of night unbound, but I was actually pretty pleased at learning Yuri and more about his gift.

Phantom Embrace imagePhantom Embrace image

Phantom Embrace

Books | Dianne Duvall

Loved this audiobook and the romance in it. I liked Zach’s confusion over his emotions and feelings but it didn’t drag out and make things boring.

Night Unbound imageNight Unbound image

Night Unbound

Books | Dianne Duvall

Of the first few books in this series. This was my favorite. I read and listened to it on an audiobook. The first time I found out what ami was took me for a loop I wasn’t sure I liked, but ended up getting used to it and really enjoyed it.

Night Reigns imageNight Reigns image

Night Reigns

Books | Dianne Duvall

Wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about a new spin on the immortals and didn’t know how I was going to feel about aliens, but I like the turn this book took and I liked knowing so many more stories would come from this pivotal plot.

The Lasaran imageThe Lasaran image

The Lasaran

Books | Dianne Duvall

For some reason, I didn’t get into this story as much. I didn’t find it as captivating and I can’t really put a reason to it. Still a great listen on an audiobook, but I rushed through a lot of it not really connecting.

Darkness Rises imageDarkness Rises image

Darkness Rises

Books | Dianne Duvall

I loved getting to know cliff’s perspective from the entire series, but I wanted some newer information. Something unexpected or a twist, and it really was more like a re-telling of the entire series.

Cliff's Descent imageCliff's Descent image

Cliff's Descent

Books | Dianne Duvall

This was a refreshing read that allowed me to know what was going on and not have to learn any new “fantasy rules” because I knew them all from the previous books, but allowed a fresh take with some new characters.

Broken Dawn imageBroken Dawn image

Broken Dawn

Books | Dianne Duvall

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