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Looking for genuine people who want genuine friendships. I'm going thru some things, and need to be surrounded by encouraging/positive vibes and plenty of laughter.

It's important to remember to know yourself first and foremost and once you identify problematic areas- take what's needed from the professionals and the podcasts and motivational articles and leave the rest for someone it actually applies to. Bc one person's opinion, advice, Or diagnosis may not be right for you or may not even be correct. Be cautious of the narcissistic people who read a few articles and think they have the ability to diagnose you and tell you what u need to do in your life bc they are so grand .....ppl love to give insight that they would never follow nor admit about their own shortcomings, therefore they are very early in their own progression. Denial is a mindset that can have the most disturbed ppl thinking they are the answer.

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