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Bonnie Ray



This book BROKE ME. It was so flipping good but I have no idea how I’m supposed to recover after the conclusion. It was a satisfying end and everything but I can’t move on😭

Our Violent Ends imageOur Violent Ends image

Our Violent Ends

Books | Chloe Gong

The genre is mystery, thriller, romance, and low key horror. The ending was bonkers. In fact, the whole thing is bonkers. And so much more interesting than the og Romeo & Juliet story ngl (MONSTER!!). Also the romance is super slow burn & not making me gag by the 30th page. The writing style is honestly beautiful (cant describe it any other way) & captivating. Not dry at all and super descriptive (but in a pretty way?). 1000/10 recommend.

These Violent Delights imageThese Violent Delights image

These Violent Delights

Books | Chloe Gong

Took me a second to get into, but I was suuuper invested halfway through and couldn’t put it down. Just *chef’s kiss*

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We Hunt the Flame

Books | Hafsah Faizal

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