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Ruth Ware does it again. An ending you won't see coming. Red herrings everywhere! Great character development. I could picture myself as a student at Oxford and at Tale Tales Bookstore. I bet you won't figure out who did it.

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The It Girl

Books | Ruth Ware

A different kind of Cinderella tale. Liv Green works as a house cleaner. Her favorite cleaning gig is at the home of her favorite author. Then the author dies and Liv is informed that she has to finish her book in secret. Although uncomfortable with having to keep the secret from her family, Liv loves the opportunity to step into the author's glamorous life. As she works against a fast approaching deadline, Liv tries to learn more about the author. A feel good read .

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The Messy Lives of Book People

Books | Phaedra Patrick

I knew that the book inside the book would somehow involve a mystery out of its pages. I really enjoyed reading the Magpie Murders within the book. I found myself taking notes on the characters and their motives. I found myself wishing I could read more Atticus Pund book. Several times I found myself copying text I found quotable. I found the pace of the story slowed a great deal when it moved onto Susan's mystery. I figured out who did it (although I didn't in the book she was reading)

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Magpie Murders

Books | Anthony Horowitz

A Botanist's Guide has a heroine who reminds me a bit of Namcy Drew. She stumbles into a mystery and can't walk away until she has the answers. There are some comical scenes where she uses her feminine whiles. The romance is not too gooey. A good read to escape from reality.

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A Botanist's Guide to Parties and Poisons

Books | Kate Khavari

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