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Mirrorland is an incredibly complex story with lots of plot twists. Cat returns to her childhood home when her twin sister has gone missing. She receives clues that force her to remember her life before. Each clue not only leads her to a place full of memories, but also a page of her sister's journal. Her memories are full of colorful imaginings. These include people, a witch, Bluebeard the Pirate, the Toothy Fairy, a girl named Mouse, a pirate crew, clowns, and more. "Perhaps everyone’s childhood memories are the same: part truth, part fantasy. But this house and our mother and her stories turned our imagination into a melting pot, a forge. A cauldron. And, I’m beginning to realize, I can trust nothing that came out of it." I almost stopped reading when the climax happened with 25% of the book left to read. I'm glad I persisted. The twists kept coming until the very end.

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Books | Carole Johnstone

A fast story. A love triangle where you aren't sure which boy should be trusted. A secret society with a reach much farther than imagined. Twisted, dangerous games

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They're Watching You

Books | Chelsea Ichaso

Hester is a Book Eater- a human-like species that eats books to gain knowledge. She is raised as a princess, given fairy-tales to eat. Her job is to marry and have a baby. Then she'll marry another and have another baby. The Book Eaters is a story of how far someone will go for the people she loves the most. It is a story of family, both blood and found. I will definitely be reading the sequel.

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The Book Eaters

Books | Sunyi Dean

A fantastic story.  Although often heavy in science, math, and physics, it is not done in a way to make a non-mathematical mind feel stupid or lost.  I actually appreciated the narrator's mind and wished I could think more like him.  The narrator tells the story with a sense of humor, sometimes self deprecating and sometimes sarcastic.  Ryland Grace wakes up with a form of amnesia.  He finds himself in a clinical atmosphere with robot arms taking care of him. Told in the narrator's current time and memory flashbacks.  We soon learn he is the sole survivor on a space ship in another galaxy.  Grace is on a suicide mission to solve the problem that is destroying the earth's sun.  

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Project Hail Mary

Books | Andy Weir

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