Brandon Hardy



I was put off because of the animation and the “kiddy” tone, but i promise you once you move past those 2 things it’s just as good as the clone wars series. Recommend to anyone that enjoys the SW franchise.

Star Wars Rebels imageStar Wars Rebels image

Star Wars Rebels

Shows | Action & Adventure

the characters are nicely written and beyond skin level with good motivations and developments. the rest of the plot is kinda…basic shonen fantasy tho

Tokyo Revengers imageTokyo Revengers image

Tokyo Revengers

Shows | Animation

it’s a good critique on capitalism and good suspenseful watch. good acting and character drama will keep u glued

Squid Game imageSquid Game image

Squid Game

Shows | Drama

smart funny. not a rick and north clone like it appears to be and has much more in common with futurama tbh

Inside Job imageInside Job image

Inside Job

Shows | Animation

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