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Brianna Laughman



The chemistry between this couple was so natural.

Falling Into Your Smile imageFalling Into Your Smile image

Falling Into Your Smile


This was a good, healthy relationship that focuses on the female leads personal growth. The inner dialogue was a bit much at times but other than that this is a sweet drama with a steady couple.

Boss & Me imageBoss & Me image

Boss & Me

Shows | Comedy

Be prepared to cry. It was fun watching them fall in love. The couple had good chemistry and a really sweet/natural PDA. The ending was happy and had me crying at the same time. Maybe wait a bit to watch this if you've recently lost a loved one.

The Oath of Love imageThe Oath of Love image

The Oath of Love

Shows | Drama

Cute, light hearted romantic comedy. The humor can be a bit dumbed down and cliche but still was a cute story. I enjoyed that the lead couple had common interests and they took time to fall in love.

Dating in the Kitchen imageDating in the Kitchen image

Dating in the Kitchen

Shows | Drama

I have to say this lead couple is the most well balanced couple I've seen yet. Equally as strong and smart in every way. I really enjoyed the playful nature and that there weren't any love triangles. This couple is solid from the start. Lots of fun action scenes and a hilarious bat ninja scene. I think they enjoyed the slow motion a bit too much at times. This show started out strong then slowed down. The ending is a bit anticlimactic.

Who Rules The World imageWho Rules The World image

Who Rules The World


This was a very sweet drama with some of the best kissing scenes. There isn't any love triangles or rivals. I also enjoyed that they were a bit more mature in age to show falling in love in your 30's. The leads are amazing in everything they do.

You Are My Glory imageYou Are My Glory image

You Are My Glory

Shows | Comedy

Beautiful story of coming of age and romance. I really enjoyed the character growth and the ending was perfect.

Time Flies and You Are Here imageTime Flies and You Are Here image

Time Flies and You Are Here

Shows | Drama

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