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Check this out. I've been watching it non-stop!

Evil imageEvil image


Shows | Drama

Amazing cast. Keeps you guessing at every twist and turn. You will be immersed in every second of this show!

Dead to Me imageDead to Me image

Dead to Me

Shows | Comedy

This is quite the addictive show! If you liked The Sinner, then you will LOVE this! Already finished a whole season in a couple days and can't stop watching it. You will fall in love with some characters and need to know what happens next at every turn. Definitely recommend this. You can find it on the Peacock app on Xfinity!

Mr. Mercedes imageMr. Mercedes image

Mr. Mercedes

Shows | Drama

This is a very addictive show! If you love American Horror Story you will love this show! So amazingly twisted, I love it!

Ratched imageRatched image



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