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This one definitely made its way into my top 10 Disney animations! If you’re feeling unmotivated or stagnant, this one will definitely update your perspective on the way you’re spending your days on this planet.

Soul imageSoul image


Movies | Adventure

The best memoir film I have ever seen. The depth and attention to details maintains intrigue throughout the entirety of the film. A bonus; Lily Collins looks absolutely stunning in the early 1900’s attire!

Tolkien imageTolkien image


Movies | Drama

Good lord, the writing in the first two seasons is pretty atrocious but seeing characters like this in live action is an absolute treat! the fight choreography is stellar! also, as a straight man... i am 100% willing to admit my man crush i have on Mr. Brenton Thwaites

Titans imageTitans image


Shows | Action & Adventure

One of if not the most thoughtful and adventurous animated films of all time.

Spirited Away imageSpirited Away image

Spirited Away

Movies | Fantasy

This film gives you an entirely new perspective on vampire lore.

Only Lovers Left Alive imageOnly Lovers Left Alive image

Only Lovers Left Alive

Movies | Drama

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