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17, bad at bios, love wrasslin, reading, cats & jon snow. bi. Favorite shows: Arrow, Naruto, The 100, Game of Thrones Favorite Books: Ember quartet by Sabba Tahir, Infernal Devices by C Clare,& Daniel Bryan’s autobiography. Favorite movies: All Spider-Mans, Four Brothers, Divergent, Scream.


My favorite series of all time probably, I absolutely adore everything about these novels. The characters make me feel at home and make my heart ache. Jem Carstairs will always be my #1. This series is great for people that like love triangles, sad boys, classic literature, and magic. 10/10.

The Infernal Devices imageThe Infernal Devices image

The Infernal Devices

Books | Cassandra Clare

I love this show and Im so sad that it got cancelled. The mystery behind the show is still fascinating to me. I love grizz and sam so much and it hurt that we’ll never see them again!!!!

The Society imageThe Society image

The Society

Shows | Drama

Characters are very well thought out and I went from hating them to loving them and back to hating them many times. Seeing Alfred at the end made me cry as Wes is my favorite character. I love this show and highly recommend it.

How to Get Away with Murder imageHow to Get Away with Murder image

How to Get Away with Murder

Shows | Crime

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