The mountain ranch setting really makes this sci-fi. It's completely unexpected, but it works. Also, bonus points for Native American and LGBT+ representation.

Outer Range imageOuter Range image

Outer Range


I really enjoyed watching something with protagonists that were older. Mysterious. Visually interesting. I cried in the first episode.

Night Sky imageNight Sky image

Night Sky

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Really charming for a body horror. I enjoyed being able to view a woman's body/hormones through the male gaze in a way that wasn't offensive. It was an illustration of how it's possible for men to celebrate and aid women, even if they don't completely understand what it's like to be one. It also spoke to me as a story about how to accept love, even when experiencing dysmorphia and/or dysphoria.

Spring imageSpring image


Movies | Horror

A beautiful film with a wonderful soundtrack. Visually interesting. A gripping story about the pervasive nature of toxic masculinity, how it perpetuates itself and makes victims of us all, preventing a harmony between the masculine and the feminine.

Men imageMen image


Movies | Drama

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