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10/10 - This was the first book I read for Elin, and I am forever hooked now!! Something I loved about this book is while the two main characters are the focus you still get the perspective of multiple other characters in their lives when the timing is right. Elin’s writing was so unique to anything I have read and it made reading this story so fun. One thing in particular that she did that I have never seen was in the story she would write “now our girl mal…. Or our boy jake”.

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28 Summers

Books | Elin Hilderbrand

10/10!!! Never loved a book more! The dialogue and inner thoughts were written so beautifully! I loved every character in the novel and felt as if I was at the lake with the boys and Percy. I read it in a day, and immediately wanted to reread it. I loved the romance and relationship that takes place through out the novel, but what I appreciated more was that there was more to it than just that. Definitely the best book I have read this year!

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Every Summer After

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