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I really love dark horror movies, a tiny bit of comedy, and a little bit of romance. One of my favorite horror movies is human centipede. One of my favorite comedy movie has to be probably Jennifer’s Body. Now, for romance “Fresh”. Also, my Instagram is @driedpotatochips


I’m currently finishing this movie while I’m writing a review of it as I type. So far, I enjoy it. I can relate to it in some sense. Even though I’m 17 lol. The insecurities I’m hearing I can relate to. Her Impulsiveness I can relate to. 

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande imageGood Luck to You, Leo Grande image

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Movies | Comedy

This movie really had me going. I- I can’t even describe how much I felt while watching this movie. Check it or don’t. All I have to say is I rate this movie a 8/10.

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Not Okay


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