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Eden M.



this movie is so bad it's good. it kept me laughing through the whole thing, and i actually felt invested in the characters. it has some great jump scares

Bad Hair imageBad Hair image

Bad Hair

Movies | Comedy

this documentary is important. you get a peek inside of the world of social media, and it's honestly terrifying.

The Social Dilemma imageThe Social Dilemma image

The Social Dilemma

Movies | Documentary

sacha baron cohen is a genius. he makes political statements and plays them off as comedy. although his humor isnt for everyone, i would recommend this subsequent movie film to anyone.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm imageBorat Subsequent Moviefilm image

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Movies | Comedy

this show is funny, heartfelt, and inclusive of all types of people. its perfect for binge watching.

Queer Eye imageQueer Eye image

Queer Eye

Shows | Reality

this show is incredible. it starts off strong, immediately engulfing you in the story. all of the lead roles are played by poc. the story always leaves you wanting more. 10/10

Lovecraft Country imageLovecraft Country image

Lovecraft Country

Shows | Drama

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