Unexpectedly beautiful. Uplifting at the last.

Dark Matter imageDark Matter image

Dark Matter

Books | Blake Crouch

Redemptive in a way I didn't expect from the Twilight-y beginning.

My Name is Memory imageMy Name is Memory image

My Name is Memory

Books | Ann Brashares

A wrenching glimpse into the mundane moments that make up the big things in life. Age, loss, barriers, perceptions all examined

Olive Kitteridge imageOlive Kitteridge image

Olive Kitteridge

Books | Elizabeth Strout

Honestly, I'm still reweaving the storylines in my head to determine which was reality, which was dissociation, and which was pure myth. It enveloped me, and I will be turning it over in memory for a long time.

The Porpoise imageThe Porpoise image

The Porpoise

Books | Mark Haddon

Not time travel, but definitely messing with the reader's perception of the timeline. The twist snuck up on me until right before it was revealed.

The Silent Patient imageThe Silent Patient image

The Silent Patient

Books | Alex Michaelides

I often only wonder about the author as I finish a book. I knew this had to be a woman; I felt such kinship with this reluctant goddess, with her hopeless need to be everything she can't be, all at once. I loved mythology as a kid, so this felt like a grown up redecoration of my childhood bedroom.

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Books | Madeline Miller

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