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Fai Su



This book had such a fascinating way of telling it's story, with its two main perspectives. At first it was jarring but near the climax it all clicks into place as to the whys and whos of the main plot point. Also, it's LGBTQ+!

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Books | Mariko Tamaki

Aboslutely love! The storytelling, the worldbuilding, characters, romance, all of it was amazing. Although I did find one of the prominent themes quite on the nose, this story is still a refreshing read. Can't wait for the sequel!

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Iron Widow

Books | Xiran Jay Zhao

An interesting novel that made me think about how we humans operate because of societal pressures. It does get more confusing and philosophical the farther you get into the story.

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Veronika Decides to Die

Books | Paulo Coelho

A nice chill and spooky read, great for when you want a story that isn't heavy on intricacies.

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Books | Neil Gaiman

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