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I love it, I just don't love that there are only 6 episodes that end more like they forgot to post the rest rather than a cliffhanger

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Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area

Shows | Drama

It was a good movie for what it is, a volcano disaster movie. I found myself comparing it to Dante's Peak, not a bad thing, just meant it was a bit predictable. It was a beautiful eruption though, truly magnificent, one that I would only like to witness through the telly. The version I watched wasn't fully translated so I missed a few things at the end, but caught the jist. Good movie though, I recommend spending the time

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I really liked this movie. My mother and I watched it together and had fun trying to guess the murderer. The fun little back and forths were entertaining. A good watch. Might rewatch to get the added experience

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Death on the Nile

Movies | Crime

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