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Ummmm, this one makes me wonder if she was ever good at acting or just beautiful?! Fight scenes LOOK fake however sex scenes don’t???? I understand, but I’ll pass

Bruised imageBruised image


Movies | Drama

Not a real fan but I understand.

Insecure imageInsecure image


Shows | Comedy

Yes and yes! Not like I knew him or them personally but being in LA, I get it! Being black, I get it! I give this one “two snaps up and around the corner”.

King Richard imageKing Richard image

King Richard

Movies | Drama

A constant reminder of how much I’ve aged, however, storyline is decent and fashion is still killer! A little less plastic surgery and I’d be less disgusted.

And Just Like That… imageAnd Just Like That… image

And Just Like That…


Ok but not horrible. I have faith season 2 will be better!

Selling Tampa imageSelling Tampa image

Selling Tampa

Shows | Reality

If you like reality tv, drama, relationship drama and voyeurism of the luxury lifestyle this is it. Nothing cerebral here - pure escapism!

Selling Sunset imageSelling Sunset image

Selling Sunset

Shows | Reality

Fantastic! Some of the acting is a bit transparent but it is gripping!

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Shows | Drama

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