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I just want schlocky horror and morbid science


It is not a good movie, but it is still a fantastic movie. Very few films are as worthy of the phrase Everything Happens So Much as this one. Highly recommend it if you want to watch something fun and strange, or see Ivan the Terrible do a murderous pirouette.

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Movies | Comedy

Masterful, dread-inducing, absolutely defies description. Go in as blind as possible. One of the first movies to make me fearful after it was over in a long time.

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Movies | Horror

Finely crafted, haunting, it will scoop your soul out of your chest at least once by the time you're finished.

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Books | Dathan Auerbach

I don't usually read YA books as I'm 30 but this one caught my eye and it hit like nothing else, it touched me deeply, I felt seen, my only real complaint is that I wished it had existed for me when I was a teen so I could've read it when I was the target audience. Truly beautiful.

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Hell Followed with Us

Books | Andrew Joseph White

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