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Ok when I say this is my new favorite book I mean it. This rom com is to die for. Olive the main character is absolutely hilarious. I also love the tight knit family dynamic that happened as well. The book was literally so perfect I don’t know what else to say. The plot moved along beautifully and it was perfectly paced. I also love the fact that the main character is curvy and Hispanic. Literally 5/5 and it had spice but skipped out on the super spicy scenes

The Unhoneymooners imageThe Unhoneymooners image

The Unhoneymooners

Books | Christina Lauren

I really liked this book although the romance was kinda expected. I like the fact that they are exploring tough topics in ways other books haven’t before and this book shows that broken people can still love other people. I loved Gus as a character but it felt like January was making it about herself the whole book. I rate it 4/5 stars and it does include spice

Beach Read imageBeach Read image

Beach Read

Books | Emily Henry

I really liked this book. It was the perfect pace and nothing in the story felt dragged out or too quick. The story line was amazing as well. The main characters shared love for music was the main reason this book was so good. It’s a nice read for someone who wants a tiny bit of spice but still wants the romance 4.5/5 stars Edit: It also had a family dynamic plot in it as well which I loved

More Than Maybe imageMore Than Maybe image

More Than Maybe

Books | Erin Hahn

SO SO SO GOOD! Kept me engaged for the entirety of the book. I didn’t want to put it down! There is a slight mystery in the book. All throughout the book the main character comes up with theories to solve the mystery and I found myself making up theories as well. This is a no spice book. It also touches on grief and navigating a new school. I give it a 5/5 and it’s my new favorite book.

Tell Me Three Things imageTell Me Three Things image

Tell Me Three Things

Books | Julie Buxbaum

I did like this book, although it felt a little slow at times. About 45 pages into it, I didn’t really want to continue reading but I pushed through. It’s a friends to strangers to lovers troupe and I recommend if people want a slow burn romance with a little bit of spice

The Roughest Draft imageThe Roughest Draft image

The Roughest Draft

Books | Emily Wibberley

This book. It definitely has a lot of spice and romance but it’s also a book that touches on navigating past trauma during a relationship. I love that this book takes a slower approach to the relationship.. Def a slow burn

Lease on Love imageLease on Love image

Lease on Love

Books | Falon Ballard

I love books with two perspectives within them. I did find the last couple of chapter to be a little drawn out, but maybe that was due to me reading this book start to finish in 2 hours. I highly recommend if you want a high tension friends to lovers troupe

The Cheat Sheet imageThe Cheat Sheet image

The Cheat Sheet

Books | Sarah Adams

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