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Screw a plot twist, this books is a plot tornado! The turns keep coming and you never know what the killer will do next or where the book is going! Just when you think you have figured out the book, you’re blindsided! But it all makes sense when it happens and you’re on your a*s the whole book. It’s whole-heartedly a you’re-along-for-the-ride book and you won’t be able to put it down! 15/10 would recommend!!! #mystery_and_detective #crime #police_procedural #suspense #general

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The Vanished Man

Books | Jeffery Deaver

Super entertaining! & it has GREAT plot twists! :D

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The Bone Collector

Books | Jeffery Deaver

This is a good read! If you plan on attending Harvard, then the book is also informative. It is a book that you have to read the whole series for, but I finished this books in <24 hours. I would recommend!

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The Ivy

Books | Lauren Kunze

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