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my likes barely cover my watch history, just movies I want to put on lists. I like western, British comedies, horror, and zombie movies.


such an upsetting movie, such a strong message

Possum imagePossum image


Movies | Drama

I really liked this movie, it was short, not too much, but still enjoyable. Thought it was really cute in a weird way, like REC if It took place in the United Kingdom.

Containment imageContainment image


Movies | Thriller

Such an accurate adaptation, and such a respectful depiction of its lgbtq+ characters.

The Last of Us imageThe Last of Us image

The Last of Us

Shows | Drama

Not a movie out there quite like this one

[REC] image[REC] image


Movies | Horror

Such a great adaptation of an incredibly beautiful play. I recommend this highly!

A Raisin in the Sun imageA Raisin in the Sun image

A Raisin in the Sun

Movies | Drama

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