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Film junkie. Amateur writer. Fairly gay.


Though I would suggest you watch the documentary first. I was surprised by how great this is, as the doc was so fantastic i didn’t think much more could be done. but thanks to incredible performances from all involved , especially Firth, Binoche, and the always incredible Toni Collette who humanizes Kathleen. Plus the stark, perfect direction by Antonio Campos. This is another bingeworthy hbo series of the highest order. Even if some of the middle episodes could have been cut down. Still worthy.

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The Staircase

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charming in every single moment. it earns its tears without manipulation. dakota johnson is great. but cooper raffi who also wrote and direct is so likeable and charming in every moment. one of the best feel good films of the year. 4.5/5

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Cha Cha Real Smooth

Movies | Comedy

Now this is how you do a reboot to a horror franchise. I’m shocked by how great it is. But with Nick Antosca as an executive producer (who also did one of my favorites Channel Zero), but this Chucky, with only 3 episodes so far, is better than the entire franchise. Actually making Chucky genuinely creepy/scary, and gorgeously shot, love the cast and the lgbt inclusion that doesn’t stereotype. So far. So great.

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Revisiting season 1 as I eagerly await the latest episode of season 2. Evil remains one of the best and sadly overlooked horror shows on television right now. I’m so stoked it’s been renewed for season 3. If you have yet to watch it and love shows in the league of classsic AHS and The X-Files, you are totally missing out. It’s also genuinely terrifying at times , hilarious at others , and addicting at hell. Evil is devilishly entertaining. Don’t miss out.

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A deliciously performed and beautifully crafted battle of the sexes, only they're all the same sex. Brilliant writing and gorgeous cinematography.

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Mrs. America

Shows | Drama

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