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Jana Pniewski



Made me jump a few times, suspenseful and thrilling. I didn't figure it out till about 5 me nutes before he did. Revenge is so sweet!

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The Gift

Movies | Thriller

An interesting take on what a person "might" try to do using social media as a launching point. By the end I felt like I was supposed to feel sorry for her, but I didn't, I've met people like her, so she just made me feel angry. She deserved what she got.

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Inventing Anna


I like this, really don't know how accurate it is, but like the story line. Love the actor who plays King Louie.

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This is a must see. Absolutely amazing relationship! Beautiful!!!!

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My Octopus Teacher

Movies | Documentary

Hard to picture Jack Nicholson as a good guy, but good none the less.

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As Good as It Gets

Movies | Comedy

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