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Dont even get me started on this one its one of the best anime ive watched but it doesnt make it up there with naruto or sao and its not a good one to benge watch either but gotto say it was well worth watching i like the brother sister bond thats going on thru the whole series its next to perfect.

No Game No Life imageNo Game No Life image

No Game No Life

Shows | Action & Adventure

It was a great anime with a great storyline i did not like the ending all im gonna say is its not like most anime ive seen the the mc gets the girl and lives happily ever after it hits more of a realistic tone where its drawn out and has a unique ending.

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Shows | Animation

This was one of the first anime i watched and i think that it was action packed with the main plot being completely fantasy it was great.

The Seven Deadly Sins imageThe Seven Deadly Sins image

The Seven Deadly Sins

Shows | Action & Adventure

Its just all out the best gambling anime ive seen i espesialy like how reckless she is.

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Shows | Action & Adventure

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