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Jaylee Becerril


This book as some many twists it's unbelievable! I never expected what happened at the end.

The Cousins imageThe Cousins image

The Cousins

Books | Karen M. McManus

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat but sadly there isn't a book two.

The Twin imageThe Twin image

The Twin

Books | Natasha Preston

All I'm going to say is this book wow you'll itching to know what happens next.

Dark Places: A Novel imageDark Places: A Novel image

Dark Places: A Novel

Books | Gillian Flynn

This book is just amazing it's so well done. I could not put this one done at all.

You Will Be Mine imageYou Will Be Mine image

You Will Be Mine

Books | Natasha Preston

One thing is the quote to never forget is even is it usually the person you least expect it to be

Five Total Strangers imageFive Total Strangers image

Five Total Strangers

Books | Natalie D. Richards

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