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This was a refreshing horror read. I was instantly drawn to the characters. For me, the book was very fast in the beginning. By the middle, it slowed down and I found myself not as hungry for more. By the last third, it is FIRE. Beautiful story. If you like descriptive writing, you'll love it. Felt like this was non fiction and these characters were real at times. The ending is SO GOOD. Overall, very memorable and satisfying read.

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Kill Creek

Books | Scott Thomas

One of my favorite all time reads. I've read it 3 or 4 times and will again and again. Gripping story and give-you-chills haunts. King is a master and this is hands down one of the best.

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Bag of Bones

Books | Stephen King

These stories are top notch horror, sci-fy, supernatural. Alan Baxter's descriptive writing is captivating and characters evoke emotions of every caliber. Just found out there's a second book that just released called The Fall. Highly recommend and would read this one again!

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The Gulp

Books | Alan Baxter

Hands down a fun and creepy read! Loved it and looking at more to read from this author (also seeing there may be a visual adaptation foe this one and I'm stoked!)

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My Best Friend's Exorcism

Books | Grady Hendrix

This movie is A++ horror/thriller with the perfect dash of comedy. Sebastian Stan gives us Patrick Bateman vibes on a whole new, modern level. With beautiful acting from the entire cast, and writing that tops the charts, this will fill that hole for what you've been wanting and also creep you out for how believable it is. *Tip* do not watch trailers or reviews that give away any parts of this plot. It will be that more enjoyable when you watch!

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Movies | Comedy

Beautifully hilarious and gory. It's everything you want in horror comedy. Hats off to Roday Rodriguez and this amazing cast 🙌🙌🙌 PS the music rocks too

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Movies | Comedy

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