Spicy! Easy read and so good. Bring a fan during this read! 🥵

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Books | Sara Cate

You’ll laugh when you follow this fun story and it will be out loud! Super fun and an easy read.

A Not So Meet Cute (Special Edition Hardcover) imageA Not So Meet Cute (Special Edition Hardcover) image

A Not So Meet Cute (Special Edition Hardcover)

Books | Meghan Quinn

Lots of spice, it’s a little dark and kind of a violent romance. Wouldn’t recommend for a younger audience. A good read!

Does It Hurt? imageDoes It Hurt? image

Does It Hurt?

Books | H. D. Carlton

Grab the tissues. This book is heavy; emotionally and mentally. I cried at the first chapter. And the tears never stopped. Life is fleeting and this book punches you in the chest showing you how. This book will remind you how each day we have is a gift. My heart bursted multiple times! Yours will too.

A Thousand Boy Kisses imageA Thousand Boy Kisses image

A Thousand Boy Kisses

Books | Tillie Cole

This is a good read. Good tension. Not overly spicey but there’s a couple different story lines within the book that keeps things interesting!

Book Lovers imageBook Lovers image

Book Lovers

Books | Emily Henry

Lots of twists and turns. Not a normal book for Colleen but I liked it a lot. Very dark and creepy. The ending is unsettling….you be the judge!

Verity imageVerity image


Books | Colleen Hoover

Whiplash! Worth the read. You don’t know where the truth starts and ends till the very end. Twists and turns up the wazoo. Some details felt cheesy but it still grabbed my attention!

Perfect Strangers imagePerfect Strangers image

Perfect Strangers

Books | J. T. Geissinger

It’s a good read. It goes from the present to the past but what I loved is it didn’t spend too much time in either time zones, so you don’t feel like your missing out on the past or present. Worth a read! Not alot of spice.

Love and Other Words imageLove and Other Words image

Love and Other Words

Books | Christina Lauren

The back and forth banter makes this so fun and easy to read! Loved it!

Mr Wrong Number imageMr Wrong Number image

Mr Wrong Number

Books | Lynn Painter

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