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I LOVE~ this movie!! It reintroduces the Teen Titans with comedy gigs of epic proportions! It is absolutely unforgettable!

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies imageTeen Titans Go! To the Movies image

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Movies | Animation

This movie is absolutely interesting! It guides the viewer with a narrative of what science can do with advanced technology. This narrative happens to formulate a bizzare group, each character with a different perspective of the environment around them as well as different solutions to problems, all cooperating with each other for the teamwork to come successfully.

Big Hero 6 imageBig Hero 6 image

Big Hero 6

Movies | Adventure

This movie tells a secret narrative that guides the viewer through suspension until all its mysteries are solved in a heartwarming sense. It's an interesting tale of improvement that can give you insight on the most important things in life. I love this movie!

Halo: The Fall of Reach imageHalo: The Fall of Reach image

Halo: The Fall of Reach

Movies | Action

This movie is beautiful! It expresses a musical narrative that allows for splendid motion effects beyond any average artist's expectations. Disney once again satisfies the family audience with relatable and memorable content and brings life to all the characters presented. I love this movie!

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Frozen II

Movies | Adventure

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