Really great chemistry and the plot twists were really entertaining, so good! Wright has always done a good job with her writing, it flowed perfectly

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The Favor

Books | Suzanne Wright

ugh wish I knew it ended in a cliffhanger like it was so abrupt, it was very fast paced and was good book but I just have so many questions and I guess that’s a good thing but I’m impatient so I was upset lmao so just know that going in if you’re like me..

Once Upon A Broken Heart imageOnce Upon A Broken Heart image

Once Upon A Broken Heart

Books | Stephanie Garber

I couldn’t put this down! okay pls just ignore the ugly cover and the rating on here is wrong so look it up on Goodreads and see for yourself! but this is my new favorite adult fantasy romance book I freaking loved it, trust me acotar fans, this will not disappoint. It’s the perfect combination of fantasy and romance, the commentary between ALL the characters was so wholesome and satisfying it was amazing 10/10

Promise of Darkness imagePromise of Darkness image

Promise of Darkness

Books | Bec McMaster

If only we could land ourselves a billionaire. I usually stray away from this trope because they tend to be so unrealistic but this book worked for me, so good. This was adorable. The characters were so cute.

Stealing from Mr. Rich imageStealing from Mr. Rich image

Stealing from Mr. Rich

Books | Anna Hackett

Loved this one! finally some development between them in this book! I still have tons of questions but totally satisfied with what was given!

Kingdom of the Cursed imageKingdom of the Cursed image

Kingdom of the Cursed

Books | Kerri Maniscalco

loved it! the characters are the cutest, finished it in one sitting

The Unwanted Wife imageThe Unwanted Wife image

The Unwanted Wife

Books | Natasha Anders

Loved this book! The chemistry between these two is just amazing! The ending was a little confusing and rushed but granted it is part of a series but I still don’t feel the need to read the rest of the books

Rhapsodic imageRhapsodic image


Books | Laura Thalassa

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